Things to do if your mouse suddenly stops working

Is your mouse suddenly stop working, or maybe it works irregularly (runs for a sec then stops)? Most of us don’t really give attention to our mice until it stops working and became a barrier in between our work. Let’s go through some of the steps which you should do to fix this pain!

Power Source

check mouse battery

For battery-powered mice, the first thing to check if it suddenly stops is if your mouse has enough battery juice left, open up the battery holder and replace it with new ones.

If you have a rechargeable mouse, then plug in your charging cable and see if the indicator light turns on. Juice it up and give it a try.

Double-check if it is plugged-in

Recheck if your USB cable is fully plugged in, just take it out once and put it right back in, and see it gets detected by your PC.

Got a wireless mouse? Some wireless mice come with a USB dongle that rests under the mouse, take it out and connect it with your computer. If the mouse is detected for a moment then disconnects, you might have a hardware issue; in this case, it’s better to get it checked by a specialist.

Switch USB Port

change usb port

Maybe you got something in your USB port that you need to clean or switch your cable to another USB Port. You can also check the USB port by plugging in another device in the port.

Update your device drivers

Windows 10 automatically installs drivers of any device you connect, but sometimes there can be an error or files may corrupt which causes the mouse to not get detected by the system.

To update mouse drivers, open Device Manager, scroll down and go to “Mice and other pointing devices” and search for your mouse. After that, right-click and click on update drivers.

Alternatively, you can go to your mouse manufactures website and download your model’s drivers.

Update Windows

change usb port

There might be an issue with your windows, this also happens when you are doing a windows update and your PC is turned off suddenly (when electricity issue happens); corrupting the update. If that’s the case, you need to do a windows update again or install a new window.

Bottom Line

If all of the above methods don’t fix your problem, then it’s your mouse that is now dead and is of no use. This is mostly with cheap third-party mouse manufactures, It’s better to get a bit expensive but from a known brand like Logitech Mice, It’s worth the price and quality!