Logitech G502 Hero Review – A Mouse Redesigned with Better Sensor

The Logitech G502 Hero is an impressive upgrade of its predecessor Logitech 502 Proteus Spectrum, in terms of sensor and overall gaming performance. It is a wired gaming mouse that feels premium and well made. There is a huge potential in G502 Hero for gaming due to its programmable buttons, customizable CPI, and low click latency. However, this large mouse feels less comfortable for small hands, but it is manageable.

SpecificationsModel: Logitech G502 Hero
Sensor: HERO 25K
Sensor Type: Optical
Buttons Type: Omron
DPI: Up to 25,600
No. of Buttons: 11
Connectivity: Wired
Polling Rate Adjustment: 200 – 1000 Hz
Battery Life: No Battery
Weight: 4.3 ounces
  • Impressive build quality and premium feel
  • Programmable button for your needs
  • Flawless and lag-free sensor
  • Low click latency
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Grip issue for small hands
  • Side grip could be better


Logitech G502 Hero front

The Logitech G502 HERO has an edgy, aggressive design that gamers will love. It features glossy black accents and two RGB zones: one on the logo and another indicating the mouse CPI.

The ergonomics of this mouse are decent as it has a slanted design and thumb rest. The position helps to increase comfort for right-handed users. Still, we wouldn’t recommend buying if your hands are on the smaller side because they may have difficulty reaching all buttons, especially the sniper key.

The mouse is made of high-quality materials and has an excellent build quality. There’s a slight wobble sound from the wheel, but the buttons don’t feel loose at all in comparison to competitors. It has dense plastic and latex grips for making the buttons well placed.


Logitech G502 Hero side

You have 11 buttons and a memory that can store profiles. That’s pretty impressive as you can play several different games with your mouse. So you don’t need to reconfigure it before playing another game, which is great because some people want different settings for all their favorite PC gaming genres like RTS or MOBA etc.

The G502 Hero has five onboard memory presets that allow you to quickly change the settings of your mouse without having to open any software. Plus, there’s an easy button on its side for switching between profiles.


Logitech G502 Hero front side

The Logitech G502 Hero is an upgrade to the company’s previous Proteus Spectrum. The 25,600 DPI optical sensor is a major improvement over 12,000 DPI from before and looks very impressive in numbers.

For most games, the 10,000 DPI gaming mouse can do the job smoothly. With 25,600 DPI, the Logitech G502 Hero offers sensitivity levels beyond actual usage. However, there can be its usage in the future as 8K screens with larger screen resolutions are getting common. 

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Bottom Line

That’s all from the Logitech G502 Hero review. It is a great mouse for FPS gaming with a low click latency and adjustable polling rate. With improved 25K Hero sensors and one of the highest DPI, it offers performance to new levels. You can customize the profiles and RGB lighting according to your liking. The mouse is a comfortable grip and offers a great value for the money to its features.