How to clean your gaming mouse

Cleaning your PC components especially the mouse & keyboard is very important. In gaming mice, there are lots of curves and crannies for better grip but those attract dirt and grime that need to be timely cleaned.

It’s a good habit to clean your equipment twice a month for a fresh look & extended equipment life.

Let’s walk through some of the steps for cleaning your gaming mouse.

Things you need beforehand

  • Tooth Picks
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Air Blower
  • Tissue paper

Steps to clean your gaming mouse

  • Completely disconnected your mouse form your computer. For wireless mouse, take out the batteries.
  • Place some tissue papers underneath your gaming mouse to catch any falling dirt.
  • Use Alcohol Wipes and closely wipe your mouse.
  • Now take tooth picks and clean each nooks of your mouse.
  • Lastly, use air blower to throw any remaining dirt that escaped from tooth picks.
  • Make sure your mouse is fully dry before plugging into the computer.
  • Enjoy a fresh mouse.

We don’t recommend using any type of sprays or other disinfecting products to clean your machine. Avoid disturbing any inner component of your mouse & only clean the exterior.