How to change mouse DPI settings

Nowadays almost everyone owns a computer and its accessories are essential to take benefit from a computer’s full potential. A mouse is one of them, today’s mice offer extreme level customization for precise & perfect cursor output.

One of the most important customizations is DPI settings which measure the sensitivity of your mouse. You need to adjust the DPI setting to fit perfectly to your need. In this guide, we’ll cover the ways to change your mouse DPI, so let’s jump right at it.

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What does DPI refer to?

What is DPI

DPI refers to “Dots per Inch” and the DPI set decides how much physical distance your curse will cover per inch, higher the DPI means faster the cursor speeds, Lowering DPI leads to more precise movements.

That is why it is dominant to set DPI according to your ease for better performance in gaming or productive tasks.

Change mouse DPI in Windows

You can either change your mouse cursor speed from in-game controls or from windows settings. let’s jump in and see how to change your mouse DPI speed in Windows 10.

  • Right click on your window’s button located on your task bar and click on settings.
Change DPI in windows
  • Navigate to Devices and select “Mouse” from left sidebar.
  • You can now customize the cursor speed by sliding it left & right, select one that fits well for you and you’re done!
Change Cursor Speed
  • If you are still not satisfied, head back to the settings and adjust it again.

Change DPI for gaming Mouse

DPI Switcher on mouse
  • Gaming mice are usually integrated with a DPI switch button, which is mostly located at top just around the back of scrolling wheel.
  • There will be two buttons, one for increasing and the other one for decreasing.
  • If you can’t locate the buttons, then read the guide that came with your mouse for the location of DPI buttons.