Best Mouse grips for promising performance while gaming

Finding the most comfortable mouse grip is as crucial as finding the best gaming mouse with tons of features. It’s always a clever step to measure when you are getting yourself a gaming mouse.

There are three common mouse grip styles, fingertip, claw, and palm grips. You need to find which style is suited best for you to overcome injuries that may occur due to your wrong mouse holding style.

If you are looking for a reasonable gaming mouse, you can view our list of the Best wireless mice under $50. Let’s jump right on three common mouse grip styles.

What do you mean by Mouse grip?

It’s really straightforward, grip is the word used to define how you place your wrist and fingers on your mouse. Everyone uses a different grip style but there are three common styles which we are going to discuss in detail.

To figure out which grip style you are using, you just need to see how you are holding your mouse, where are you resting your wrist, fingers, palm, and then compare it with the following listed style to get an idea.

The Palm Grip

Best Mouse grips - Palm grip

The Palm grip is the widely used grip style and is highly effective in gaming or for work as well. It favors more of the elbow & shoulder movements rather than the wrist. While using a palm grip, your hand feels cupped with the mouse in a very comfortable position.

This grip style offers you smooth clicking and precise tracking, however, it’s not rated good for rapid clicking, but, well suited for FPS gaming and daily work routine.

The Claw Grip

Best Mouse grips - Claw grip

This style is the second most widely used, it provides a bit more fast & flexible movements. Many esports FPS gamers use Claw Grip for incredibly professional gameplay.

In claw grip style your two fingers arches on the click buttons and your palm doesn’t fully cover the mouse as compared to the palm grip. It’s focused on wrist movement and allows your fingers to do quick movements without any arm displacement.

However, a Claw grip can lead you serious to injuries like CTS or RSI because of wrist movements rather than the forearm.

The Fingertip Grip

Best Mouse grips - Fingertip grip

In the Fingertip grip style, there’s little to no palm contact with only fingertip contact to the mouse. This style is usually used by people with large hands and a smaller mouse or by gamers who like to move their mouse rapidly while gaming.

It also provides fast and quicker movements across the mouse. This may be a fast-moving grip style but is only wrist-focused with loose hold and bad tracking.

As this style also involves more wrist movements, it will also lead to injuries.

Bottom line

If you are comfortable with your current grip style and are ditching any injuries, there’s no point in changing your grip. In that case, you should use this guide as a method to identify your grip and get yourself a gaming mouse accordingly.